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francopoli  ·  152 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Tesla pares losses in volatile trading after falling below $300

    Being technical, there aren't 200 hours in a week

He was bragging in a SpaceX interview that he was working 110-120 hours a week, which leaves 40-50 hours TOTAL for not work, ie sleep, commute, food. I can't find the article right now. Now think that he is running three massive endeavours: Tesla, Solar City, SpaceX. And he has a hobby that is pure batshit: Hyperloop. Oh, and a side hustle: The Boring Company.

I was reading about how Zip2 finally canned his ass. One of the points they made back then was Musk cannot delegate... ANYTHING. At All. He's a control freak that has to have his hands in everything. Another article on the delays of the Model 3 were because he keep sticking his ideas into the product design forcing delays to change the tool and die on the assembly line.

I hope the guy kicks ass and delivers on even 1/2 what he is promising, but yea the guy needs to take a big step back and let the smart people he hired step in and run the show for a while.