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blackbootz  ·  260 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: August 8, 2018

This Week

Today is the last day of my internship. Ten weeks flew by. Tomorrow I come in for a 15 minute exit interview and then receive (or not) a job offer. Analyst at Morgan Stanley's Legal & Compliance Division. My team would most likely be in Global Financial Crimes, the firm's anti-money laundering group. Crazytown. I'll probably accept the offer, too.

When I reflect on my path, I never thought I would ever take a role in compliance at a Wall Street firm. But sometimes we don't live out the inchoate conceptions of our futures-that-were. Just trying to make the most of what I have right now. That involves paying down student loans, acquiring some coin, and making moves in a few years.

This Fall

Friday I fly to San Diego to help my sister move into her new place. After ten days, I come home for three, to then board a plane for my semester abroad in Seoul, South Korea. I've cycled through every phase of anticipation, and currently at sheer trepidation. I watched some videos of last year's Yonkojeon Games--an annual set of games in five different sports between the historic rivals, Yonsei University (my school to be) and Korea University. The school spirit is no joke.

However, I'm at a point in my life right now where hangovers not only suck, but they give me anxiety. And I'm about to go to a city with what some consider to be the best night life in the world. I'm not complaining... I'm just a little sore in anticipation.

Any tips on traveling and travel-documenting? elizabeth Should I get a camera? I don't have one save my iPhone.