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kleinbl00  ·  323 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: America‚Äôs Millennials Are Waking Up to a Grim Financial Future

My wife got her first degree in math. She graduated into a recession and didn't get hired into any accounting firm so she took a 3-hour class at Egghead Software (before it became Newegg) in MS Access... which of course she put on her resume. Then she interviewed for entry-level at a multinational insurance firm. As she was finishing up the interview, another manager stopped her and asked her about her "database experience" (the other manager had been scouring resumes). So my wife wasn't hired as an entry-level accounting trainee, she was hired as a database administrator and software architect.

One afternoon's worth of MS Access.

Still friends with that boss, by the way. We actually ended up moving to LA within six months of each other, and moving back within three for completely unrelated reasons. My wife officiated her wedding and they had a lot of our stuff in their storage unit for a year. We have brunch or barbecue like once every six weeks.