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kleinbl00  ·  202 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Why you should not use Google Cloud.

    This is not a Google Problem.

Oh, but it is, dude. It's the very essence of a Google problem.

Think of companies as if they're countries. They have citizens, they have rules, they have borders, they have culture. Microsoft? A country. Akamai? A country. SAP? A country. AWS? A country. Google? They're the Hanseatic League. They're the Hapsburg Empire. They're a scattered constellation of Balkanized factions fighting for resources and currying favor, a harem intrigue shaped like a giant tech firm.

This is why they're not Google, they're Alphabet, also Waymo also whatever other divisions they've got tucked in there. This is why they came up with Allo and Hangouts and gChat and Wave but have yet to come up with a single, integrated messaging platform. Think about it: they've got all the technology in place to eliminate iMessage. Annihilate WhatsApp. Send Telegram to the nowhere hole. But they don't, because they can't, because any new product out of Google is an undefended faction of poorly-supported code launched into the marketplace for free with no support so that it can wither on the vine and die and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the only money to be made is advertising, see?

I've got a Pixel. It's gotten shittier and shittier with every update. Fuckin' bluetooth barely works now - if I send an email on my computer, my music stutters. Why? Because the guys who do bluetooth aren't allowed to talk to anybody else so the fact that the Google Wifi dingus here and the Google Pixel can't get out of each other's way is surprising to no one.

I've got a Google for Business email address. There's no one who can tell me how to not get it to add a new appointment to my other Google accounts. Book a flight with one, get three appointments. Why? Because Google for Business has absolutely no leverage over the core product (gmail) and absolutely no leverage over its interactions with other divisions.

So it doesn't surprise me at all that a million dollar c'n'c is taken down by a billing algorithm - that's one wing of the Google amoeba taking out another because you know what cancer doesn't do?


I learned my lesson. I run as little mission-critical shit on Google as I can. Calendar is about all we use at the birth center and that's problematic AF. If our EHRs would talk to Synology I'd spin up a CalDAV server of my own but unfortunately, they both integrate exclusively with - wait for it - Google.