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kleinbl00  ·  206 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Ask Hubski: I just inherited $40,000 - what do I do?

What the actual fuck, man.

Spence comes in and says, basically, I've come into money and have selected a basket of diversified ETFs. I say, basically, hang onto your money for the time being and somehow I'm the dangerous one.

- Not the girl saying "spend it on rent."

- Not the guy saying "blow it on bitcoin."

- Not the guy saying "lock it up in CDs."

- Not the guy saying "buy a nice suit."

I'm sorry, but I'ma guess Spence knows his options. One does not paint up a diversified ETF portfolio without at least the sense of knowledge. And you know what? If he's got it as cash in a brokerage fund (that's what "go to cash" means, by the way) he can turn all of it into exactly the portfolio he desires in approximately eleven seconds. For that matter if he set 180-day triggers and targets on the ETFs of his choice he'd find himself owning equities at the price of his choice without even knowing it until he checked his email.

    The right answer to OP's advice is probably "Don't take other peoples' financial advice to make decisions with your own money."

Sure. But if he actually wants that advice, how is "wait" the one suggestion that offends you enough to pick a fight?

Somebody who's picked a percentage of bonds v. equities v. domestic v. foreign has thought about this a lot. I ain't about to upset the apple cart on that one. All I can do is suggest that the timing matters.

And I am honestly flummoxed that this has earned your opprobrium.