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Sparsile  ·  3415 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Alan Watts discusses nothingness

I'm not sure what to link you from Steve Pavlina because he writes on such a large range of subjects, but The courage to live consciously is always a good place to start!

Ah- I just remembered which of his articles was the first one I'd read, someone linked it to me: How to discover your life purpose in about 20 minutes It worked wonderfully for me, though it took me about an hour to find it out, by then I was crying of joy. I still feel like the purpose I discovered that day some years ago holds true for me now.

If you're going to read Rhonda Byrne's book(s) (I listened to her audiobook: The power), beware, she repeats things often and literally keeps repeating one particular word in her sentences and it almost drove me crazy, but I did enjoy her message and the insights she gave me very much. It basically all comes down to the law of attraction. There is also a movie, The Secret, which is a great motivator imo.

I agree, being present is certainly not easy! I find it particularly difficult (almost impossible) when with other people. Glad that you have the same views towards people like Tolle! Some are very much "believers" in one thing or person while firmly disregarding anything else. It is really all about what you can gain personally from people like Tolle, Steve, Rhonda, Alan, ... the list could go on forever.