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nil  ·  244 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Existential Comics: Elon Musk: Greatest Man Alive

Elon Musk's primary crime is having bad taste. His cars are visually unappealing. His attitude isn't sexy. His opinions are vapid and unoriginal. "I'm socially liberal and fiscally conservative", "America is the greatest country in the world", "AI is the greatest threat to humanity" (as opposed to climate change or actual nuclear bombs). Riveting socio-political analysis is unlikely to be delivered from the Tower of Musk anytime soon, in the same way Islamic Clerics aren't writing romantic poetry or releasing pop-rock albums. I feel bad about the dude on Reddit who in his dying breath said he regretted not being able to see the next Musk project. Don't define yourself by other people.

Existential Comics is pretty funny but they constantly advocated the fullcommunist angle (in spite of them having actual paid employees themselves). Still, pretty funny.