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Odder  ·  363 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The Desire to Fit In Is The Root of Almost All Wrongdoing

in which an idiot manages to fundamentally misunderstand the Ring of Gyges, and still somehow manages to land a tenure-track position in philosophy

And then the rest of it is somehow even more of a dumpster fire. I guess the fact that "doing the right thing" can have negative social consequences sometimes means we've solved all of ethics. Because really, what is the worst thing you could do if not quietly chucklefucking along while your racist uncle sings the praises of our president. It certainly isn't the worst thing to be the damn president, who couldn't give one fucking shit about fitting in.

And moreover what is philosophy, if not the assumption that the right thing is written on all of our hearts, and social pressures prevent us from acting on that. There's no fucking substance in this whole article except "peer pressure makes people do the wrong thing sometimes, also I have to work in Trump and cranberry sauce, or even fucking Aeon won't publish this shit."