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And I'd like to offer a perspective here, in response to the gist of your post. With all politeness, here is the thing those who sit solidly on their lofty principles and morals need to understand:

Get the fuck over yourself.

No one is acting entitled to your vote. No one is "believing" shit about causes. Hillary Clinton was, objectively, the most qualified person to ever run for President of the United States. Donald Trump was, objectively, the least qualified person to ever run for President of the United States. Now - you can get all high'n'mighty about that. You can get all principled. You can pucker so hard your tighty whiteys floss your goddamn teeth but the fact of the matter is, populists and opportunists wanted to break some shit because they preferred failure to business as usual and, to the precise expectation of all thinking human beings, failure has not been productive.

I give absolutely zero fucks about your politics, your morals, your standards, how you've voted, how you'll vote in the future, any of it. If your sink is backing up and you have a choice between the plumber that charges you too much while he lectures you about garbage disposals behind his plumber's crack or the manic street preacher who thinks it might be fun to be a plumber, you pick the fucking plumber. I don't care if he goes to a different church, drinks at a different bar, votes for a different party, wears the wrong clothes, eats cereal for dinner, whatever. If one guy knows how to use a pipe wrench and the other one doesn't, VOTE PLUMBER.

Save your compromises and two way streets for areas of nuance.