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Cumol  ·  1231 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Where Millennials Come From

Nicely written article. The ideas of Harris resonate well with me and I agree that we need to realize that it is time to "break the chains", even though it is hard.

We need to realize that we are being played and facebook, google, and everyone else is not acting out of good intention towards us but purely acting in a monetary way.

The occupy movement also reached Germany back then with large camps in Frankfurt (business-oriented city) and Berlin. However, it did not reach the same importance because Germany was not that much affected by the global market crisis and the "normal" German citizen did not notice a change in his pocket money. I guess this has to do with the social nature of Germany and other European countries.

I really hope that people realize that the whole "communist scare" is just a remnant of the cold war era and look through the fog of bullshit. I still can't believe that country-wide health care, paid sick leave, at least 20 paid holidays etc. are not standard in the US. I get 30 paid holidays and 1 month of paid sick leave as a PhD student on a 65% contract!

And can someone explain to me why many Americans think that unions is a bad thing? (Or why unions are a bad thing in the US)