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goobster  ·  642 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The GOP's fractal incompetence problem

    This has metastasized into a belief that the participants should be told whatever they need to hear in order to get the freest market possible.

Except that's not even true any more, as they constantly gerrymander every single playing field into one that favors certain players over others.

That's what pisses them off so much about the internet, I think, and why they have dispatched Ajit Pal to destroy it... it is the levelest playing field out there, and allows a college kid in an Ivy League dorm room to slap a web site together, and now serve BILLIONS of customers, and employ 17,000. (No, really. Over seventeen THOUSAND people are employed by Facebook... to build a web site? Really?)

If the Republicans were truly businesspeople, pro-business, they would make the playing field as FLAT as possible, so only the most viable businesses would win.

Instead, we have coal miners refusing retraining because Faux News tells them Trumpy is gonna bring their jerbs back...

... and tech companies running like cats on fire from Trumpy's Technology Advisory Council...

... and, well, the Dakota Access Pipeline spill.

Fucking morons. The whole passel of them.