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PTR  ·  550 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Turns out Roy Moore was banned from the local mall for pestering teenaged girls.

Alabama deserves the shit they're getting for this.

My family has friends who know Roy Moore personally.

Their Facebook profiles feature poorly cropped "I stand with Judge Roy Moore" photos.

They say things like,

    "Accusations are not proof. Otherwise, Jesus was a criminal because He was accused of being one. "A wicked ear gives heed to lying lips.'"
That's a quote from Proverbs 17:4 for those of us who don't have bespoke scripture references to justify burying our fucking heads in the sand.

They say things like,

    "Being anxious to find fault in a man who stands for biblical principle & believing salacious allegations about him is creepy to me."
As if distrusting this religiously pathological pseudo-politician is somehow creepier than allegedly molesting girls.

The South is fucked. The Republicans fucked it. And they're all so piously self-deluded that they'll elect an averred ephebophile, an alleged pedophile because they just really can't be fucked enough to see any better option.