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I think it's a combination of the two, but carriers definitely deserve a lot of the blame.

As for Ars, they'd been getting increasingly snooty (reviewing increasingly expensive stuff, taking a more business-friendly slant), and they've always been Apple snobs. Basically snobs generally -- their focus is increasingly on stuff that I don't care about and certainly couldn't afford. But they really lost me when they uncritically reported that "solution" to the Voynich Manuscript when 2 minutes of digging showed that it was a press release for an upcoming book and that the author had no idea what he was talking about. It took them 2 days to post a follow-up, and longer than that to update the original article. I get that mistakes happen, but this wasn't that -- they never even looked to see if the piece was legit. (This is made even worse by the fact that one of the founders of Ars has a background in...wait for it...medieval Latin.)