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oyster  ·  1036 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Harvey Weinstein is gone. But Hollywood still has a problem.

    the revelations about Mr. Weinstein are a tipping point: “This is the moment we look back on and say, ‘That’s when it all started to change.’” I hope she’s right.

Was she high ? This won't affect anything, the woman who deal with it will lament about the crap they put up with and then will go back to just putting up with the bullshit to keep their jobs. As angry as this stuff can make you you'll still laugh it off when push comes to shove and you are reminded to feel small. Even worse, the men will still not realize they did anything wrong. They think it's just PC bullshit. I know this because of that lovely job interview where the woman told me about how funny the men were, and they just loved to joke around. That it wasn't a PC workplace and I probably shouldn't take the job if I wasn't okay with that. I'm pissed about this shit and I still played it off like it was fine because I needed a job.

The shitty thing is that in order to elevate yourself to a position in life were you are untouchable you've got to deal with this crap first. I can guarantee you every single woman in a position of power has had a point in life were she had to make a choice like I did in that interview or the woman he harassed had when they knew he could fuck up their future. It's a long road of clawing your way through that bullshit if you want to get anywhere.