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It's a kinetic plasma theory course. We're taking a two or one-fluid plasma phase space distribution function into fourier space for dispersion relations, and laplace transforms to get into Fokker-Planck diffusion treatments. It's more than a little cool, it's just not the sort of thing you only have 10 hours to budget for every other week because you're spending most of your time teasing out electron motions near the diffusion region of magnetic reconnection.

Every class here starts like "OK, so when we subtract two vectors..." and then two months later it's "...arriving, of course, at the Christoffel symbols, a rank X tensor containing the coefficients of fictitious forces arising form coordinate transformations".

My academic situation is rapidly deteriorating, yes. Someday maybe you'll read about it in a book! ...written by my future child for a fourth grade literature project.

Thanks for listening by the way. I've not truly been myself for months, now. I'm leaving this place soon, American universities are becoming a generally toxic environment. I think there are 3 to 4 "administrators" for each professor, and we're still wondering where the grant money is going? Trump's going to bleed them dry, if he has his way. Big brain drain over the next few years.