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Here's an IRC log from about an hour ago:

18:57 < Devac> I'm mostly fine. looking for a good topic for Partial Differential Equations

18:58 < keifer> Sounds above my head. basic usage of Haskell is about as far as my math abilities go.

19:00 < Devac> well, it basically boils down to eliminating options that are either a) some boring proof, b) some shitty standard problem with a tweak

I think that you just gave me an inspiration for my project. Believe it or not, I'm serious and only slightly sleep-deprived.

What about the Van Allen radiation belts? I mean, that's a constant bombardment of the building/tether with some quite nasty particles alongside all the craziness related to the presence of plasma. Not to even mention currents that would be induced in this megastructure.