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elizabeth  ·  789 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: New AHOY Video!! The Rocket Launcher

I know you listen to Hello Internet - and surely CGPGrey talking about his research process illustrates how hard it can be. There are entire production teams behind channels like Kurzgesagt. I think this style of videos are quite hard to produce honestly. I agree this one isn't great, but most stuff on YouTube isn't either. It's often a one-nonprofessionnal-person effort which greatly explains it. And one person will rarely be good at all things so you'll often see good text with shitty animation or vice versa. If you think you can do just as well (or even better) maybe you should do it and make a killing! But it's mostly just very time consuming.

Interview style, like Brady Haran does it a lot easier because not being 100% accurate in your facts/mis-speaking is fine when talking off the top of your head. Or when it's an opinion piece like Nerdwriter does and you don't need to be factual (but it still takes him a week/video).