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oyster  ·  2148 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Today's Writing Prompt: Insignificance

I live in an odd little place, it's not actually a small town but we have everything we need here. Everybody knows everybody, and people will ask you for a week if you remember talking to them Monday night at pub since you were pretty rough. It's easy to feel significant until you walk outside and see the mountains or the lake. They and the awe surrounding them are the only reason I am allowed to live here. You have to work in a national park in order to live there. They tower over this little place, and when you start to climb them you see just how far they reach.

At work it's easy to feel insignificant, people don't come here for me, although sometimes I wonder what they do come here for. I wonder why two siblings sit at a table with tablet and headphones in instead of interacting. I wonder why partners will sit on their phones instead of enjoying the moment. There's checking the phone, and then there's foregoing proper interaction in favour of the phone. I wonder what people consider significant, or if they question this at all. I have the power to ruin somebody's day with zero effort on my part. Why do people left these things ruin their day ? How can I flip from being the most insignificant person in somebody’s day to being day-ruining significant ? Thinking about it, the people who treat me with significance will also not give me the power to ruin their day.

I flip between feeling insignificant and significant but I have no idea what I consider significant to me. I’m happy I didn't get thinking about this before bed.