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You're being a simp, and you're acting in a way that is deserving of dismissal. Worse than that, you're now attempting to put me in the rhetorical position of defending PRISM and extrajudicial killings.

"Stop that" or "fuck you." Your choice.

Your whole word salad up there is an attempt to dance away from the fact that you offhandedly argued that a despot's power grab and the government sanction of clandestine warfare are equivalent. Putin had 300 Russians killed in order to start a war in order to consolidate power in order to crush the nascent democratic movement in Yeltsin's Russia and return power to the KGB/FSB. Doing this whole COINTELPRO dance of the seven veils may allow you to say that death is death and cruelty is cruelty and as a pacifist we're all morally inferior to you but no. Evil is not an absolute.