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Devac  ·  782 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Books you just couldn't fucking get into?

Narrenturm and the other books in this series by Sapkowski (the guy who wrote The Witcher series and stories, and these I can actually recommend despite certain shortcomings on their part). It is a book where author is hell bent on using obscure and archaic language (it's a Polish equivalent of 'ye olde' English), enough Latin to make you wonder who's the targeted reader (i.e. Romans or monks, the translations are in the back so you have to flip to the end of the book every other page), and introduce so many characters within the first few chapters that you can't keep up. I gave up about eighty pages into it. My impression of it was "take the first page of every section in Game of Thrones, shuffle and sprinkle with Latin", which isn't something I'm willing to trudge through. It's a shame since Sapkowski isn't a bad author, I actually like his vision of fantasy changed by solid economics background (that's his actual degree iirc). I guess he's one of those people who can't just drop the ball, he can outright stab himself with said ball. And like you, I have no idea how's that supposed to work.

Anne of Green Gables, which for some reason is on the required school reading. It is the only book from school that I could not finish and went with "Cliff's notes" approach. Perhaps it's the translation. Perhaps it's the heroine being hard to relate. Or perhaps it's just a dull book.