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JackTheBandit  ·  1042 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Who else went to Burning Man? 1st Time Burner AMA

Sorry for the late reply,

Whine and Wine was Thursday from 7PM, Soul Force was Wednesday 4PM.

Actually, most of camp was 1 degree of separation from myself. I recruited others from NYC burner happy hours, others came from Que Viva! overflow, and the African singers were friends of Uncle Vern. We are developing an action plan to reach 25-30 person camp in 2017.

Well, he genuinely couldn't understand why people of the African diaspora would want to retain their historical identity and culture developed in parallel to Western and "white" culture. He felt we should give up and just assimilate.

DPW has kinda always had the "we're badass and hardcore" thing. Well, the population can't really increase anymore because of 447. Their workload doesn't really increase unless the city itself does. They're building the same things each year.