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kleinbl00  ·  967 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: April 23rd: What are you reading this week?

I dunno, man. The actual analysis into the cause of the Holocaust was always an iteration of "why are people shooting other people? Well, because we're all money-grubbing shitheads that will do anything to get ahead, now listen as I rattle off eighteen unconnected anecdotes about people who weren't."

The book is subtitled "The Holocaust as History and Warning." The book even falls down on the 'history' portion of the program, effectively stopping as soon as the death camps get cranking because, apparently, Snyder finds that shit boring. Which, if the thesis is as you say, is fucking stupid. Snyder pays lip service to the things the Nazis had to do to their collaborators in order to get them to participate in mass murder, and makes great pains to point out that it wasn't institutionalized violence that caused the holocaust, it was random street violence shaped roughly by intentions from Berlin. But then when we've got tanks of Zyklon B and custom-built ovens, he peaces the fuck out and decides to make the exact argument the death camps would refute.

It's funny. The more history I read, the more Zionist I become. And the more analyses of WWII I read that say "well, it wasn't about the jews, per se," the more clear it becomes that it was about the fuckin' jews.