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francopoli  ·  1040 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Advertisers want you to hate being single. Don’t buy in.

    I was just saying to someone that I think now would be the golden age for being single. So long as you're mildly successful and attractive it would be fun, at least I would think so.

Nobody cares that you are single anymore. From what my dad has told me, if you were single in the 70's people thought there was something wrong with you, or you were gay. Now, the majority of US households are singles so really there is no longer a social stigma. With jobs demanding mobility for younger people, being tied down in a relationship can even be detrimental to your earning potential as growing with a company for most of us is not going to happen anymore.

I've been looking into the business of advertising more lately just on a whim, and the whole world is collapsing in slow motion under the feet of the old guard. With a number as high as 85% of men and boys under 25 not watching traditional TV, ad-blocking on the Internet, fewer people reading magazines, the over saturation of "real life" ads causing people to tune it out like white noise, and the "long tail" effects, ad people are scrambling to catch up to the eyeballs. It is sort of amusing to watch people who are supposed to be in tune with the public flail around trying to figure out the new world we live in.