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AshleyR  ·  1556 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Jean Leloup's new album got me into playing guitar again

Cool! It's about consistency in the end.

BTW, I used to teach guitar a long time ago and coached a girl in my first group.

For me, I didn't feel the difficulties that much. The problem was my peers: I play left-handed, and everyone wanted me to play the usual way, which I didn't do. Of course, I went through the usual hurdles (bar chords, learning stuff by ear).

I know that feeling when you listen to something and have the urge to pick your instrument and jam along. Right now, I'm drawn to the songwriting side of things. I feel I transcended my instrument: I don't think about the guitar exclusively anymore. It's more like hearing the song as a whole. That's why I want to play everything, hahahahaha!

What do you like most about the guitar?