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cgod  ·  1501 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Classics Never Die: What it Means for DJs to Grow Old

I'd pay 10x as much as a Daft Punk ticket to hear Giorgio Moroder play half as long as Daft Punk. Daft Punk is the lamest derivative schlock, all their songs are lame vamps that stand on the shoulder of giants. I wouldn't even care if the Moroder set sucked. Mororder fucking blazed trail for every shitty derivative EDM act that idiots idolize today.

Every time I read a phrase along the lines of "EDM pioneers Daft Punk" I have to hold back a heave. Daft Punk is a pioneer of EDM like Friends is a pioneer of situation comedy. Laverne And Shirley was rocking that shit way before Chandler and Phoebe.

I count myself lucky to have seen Carl Craig, Juan Atkins and Eddie Folks spin live sets. Daft Punk is just another in a long line of Paul Okanfolds.

I've drank hard tonight in celebration of my one week anniversary of having opened my coffee shop and maybe I'm being unfair to Daft Punk... At least they have had the courtesy to acknowledge the shoulders on which they stand. I still am constantly awe struck with the reverence with which they are held. They are at best, unremarkable and mediocre, standing out more for their silly helmets than their music. If you are going to get into the biz...I suppose silly helmets are one way which you can go.