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    I post articles about these kinds of things to reddit from time to time. They get maybe 5 to 10 upvotes. Meanwhile people are very concerned about whether their new cellphone has more pixels on the screen than the previous one, or a slight increase in processor speed. Our consumer culture has infantilized us to the point where we can no longer take care of ourselves like adults.

People are worried about real things on reddit too -- privacy, foreign policy, etc. More insidious, however, than any quibbles about the new iphone is that people still think these issues are of roughly the same importance. ISIS and species extinction. Neo-Cold War and global warming. In actuality, there is nothing more important than the fact that we are raping the earth. I sit in on discussions and seminars all the time about the state of "x" in 2030-2040-2050... where "x" is the European Union. Or inequality. Or American political efficacy. Or the decline of libraries.

Moot points. We can't even imagine what life is going to be like in 2050. There won't be enough food to feed the fucking population we have now. The 99 percent will no longer eat meat. Our ecosystems will be in an irreparable state.

Which is why it's hard as fuck to care about the European Union or Capital in the 21st Century or "what social media is doing to Us". Be realistic, world.