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sagas  ·  2724 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Why Has There Been No Great Recession Backlash Against Plutocracy? | New Republic

I feel like we are trying to find an enemy. We are trying to find a scapegoat that we can point to when things go bad (2008 crash), but in reality it's just the result of an error in a flawed system. Instead of fixing that system's flaws, we are instead focusing on the proverbial boogeyman for whom which we can blame all our shortcoming and failures. The same way early man tried to explain/blame things he could not understand or comprehend on supernatural forces greater than himself, we are trying to blame the shortcoming of a global interconnected economy and society too complex for us as individuals to understand on an external entity. The liberals and Occupy movement have settled on the rich. The conservatives and Tea Party have settled on Obama and federal government.

Instead of looking for these "boogeyman" for whom we seek to blame, we should start looking for the root causes of our strife. Look for what caused the 2008 crash instead of who. What caused the income disparity instead of who.