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o_o  ·  2108 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Boko Haram and Colonialism

I agree; I think it would be inappropriate to lay all or even most of the blame on Western history, for Boko Haram's actions re. the kidnapping of Nigerian school girls. I posted this article primarily because I appreciated some of the historical context it gave, particularly in regards to the various iterations of Boko Haram like groups prior to its current form (i.e. the Yan Tatsine movement). I happened to have done a research paper on Yan Tatsine (a earlier iteration of Boko Haram) and this article echoed some of the academic papers I had read concerning the effects of the disruption of the social structure and network in northern Nigeria. I found it interesting to see how legacies of colonialism have shaped or influenced current economic and social structures, which often seem to remain in place due to poor governance etc. That being said, Nigeria isn't the first country to be colonized by a western power and from the few other sources I've read, (so of course, this is not the most well-founded opinion), there seems to be a lot more pressing issues on the ground such as Goodluck Jonathan's complete inability to lead effectively, ethnic group tensions (elections are coming up relatively soon), ineffective and often brutal police responses etc... So again I agree it is inappropriate to blame the West for this specific incident of kidnapping and Boko Haram's terrorizing of northern Nigeria, but I do find value in this article as an example of the consequences of never attempting to address the vestiges of colonialism which, along with many equally important factors, seem to create systemic instability.