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djw  ·  3031 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Has National Geographic lost its mind?

this wouldn't be so bad if it were framed pretty differently, I don't think. they could have made an article about birthstones somewhat educational if its purpose was to introduce readers to birthstones as a phenomenon. it's pseudoscience, sure, but it also has a degree of a cultural aspect that is worth being aware of on a factual level: certain people make an exercise of associating certain traits with certain stones. instead, they dumbed it down and turned it into a personality quiz one would expect from a gossip rag.

nothing against gossip rags, either, but people don't read them and Nat Geo for the same reason.

full disclosure: I've never read Nat Geo or Nat Geo Kids in my life. maybe it's always like this, for all I know. I guess at least the readers will learn something about birthstones by the article inviting them to participate.