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humanodon  ·  2222 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Alcohol as Escape from Perfectionism

    As Jennifer makes clear, prosperity has presented options that didn't exist for other generations. Professional women join their male counterparts after work, going drink for drink. Going drink for drink can be problematic, to say the least.

I can understand this pressure. In my old line of work, sometimes clients would invite me out for drinks as a sort of informal, but important interview. I do know some women who can really put their drinks away, but I have almost always seen women who go drink for drink with men who are also big drinkers, end more poorly for the woman. Part of it is the difference in body size, I think. But I also think that often when en see women going drink for drink with them, they tend to push it a bit (or a lot) further than they normally do, as it can easily turn into a competitive thing.

I do find this article to be very interesting though and I would like to see a similar article with the focus on women who are young professionals now. I've encountered quite a few young women who have told me soon after meeting them that for one reason or another that they are not interested in having children at all. While I would like to think that my palpable virility is the reason this comes up, I very much doubt that this is the reason I've been hearing this more often. From what I gather, living with two sources of income and focusing on career and life as a couple is a very attractive thing to some people, for obvious reasons, but I wonder if part of it is in reaction to the experiences they had with their own mothers.