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Erik Lundin - Haram

wonton  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: America, welcome to the war

Your comment reminded me of this article I read a couple of weeks back, it does a great job of explaining Sweden and Finlands relationship to NATO and Russia.

    For both Sweden and Finland, it is of vital interest that NATO is successful in its reassurance and defense of the Baltic states. Analysis from the Swedish Defense Research Agency show the region surrounding the Baltic Sea as one theater of operations in the event of war. This view is also reflected in the Swedish Parliamentary Defense Commission’s reports since 2007 onward, which state that it is impossible to foresee a military conflict in the Nordic region that would only affect one of the countries. The close operational interdependency of the region is also one of the reasons why the Sweden and Finland are invited to the NATO Warsaw summit. The Swedish island of Gotland, located in the middle of the Baltic Sea, has throughout the centuries been strategically important terrain and remains so today. As a result of Russia’s anti-access/area-denial dome over Kaliningrad, NATO lines of communications to reinforce the Baltic states are pushed northward. As shown by several analyses and simulations (see also the criticism), NATO would need to use bases in Sweden to defend the Baltic states. Likewise, Finland dominates the Gulf of Finland, which constitutes Russia’s maritime and airborne access route to the Baltic Sea and Kaliningrad.

    For Sweden, one of the first wake-up calls of a resurgent Russia was the simulated nuclear attack on Sweden by Russian bombers on the night of Easter Friday in 2013. Both Finland and Sweden have since signed host-nation support agreements with NATO to speed up the process of hosting NATO forces when needed. So why don’t Sweden and Finland just join NATO? Both countries have been very active partners of NATO for many years and are in many respects more NATO-interoperable than several NATO members. For instance, both countries participate in the NATO Response Force and both regularly participate in major NATO exercises and operations.

    The reason for not joining is partly a question about identity. Both countries have strong public narratives that support non-alignment and even neutrality, even though public support for NATO membership has increased during the last few years, especially in Sweden. Both countries also understand that it would be advantageous to apply at the same time to avoid provoking a stronger Russian reaction. When Finland signed established its host-nation support agreement with NATO in 2014, it passed smoothly, without outside influence. Yet in Sweden, Russia tried to influence the debate of ratification of the agreement, according to the Swedish security service.

It's hard not to see the parallells to the murder of Anna Lindh days before the referendum on whether to join the euro or not. In the end it seems to not really have affected the outcome of the election. I don't believe this will change much.

I got to see Den Sorte Skole (The Black School) a couple weeks back. They're freakin' awesome!

I'd hope so. I'm mostly just visiting /r/sweden irregularly these days, so this week was the first time I heard of that subreddit. The cross-over appeal between the alt-right and internet-troll communities doesn't seem that surprising.

You have to go to the tag page and at the top you'll find the option to filter that tag.

wonton  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 30, 2016

This video has some good parts, it follows body builder Kai Greene around during a day, first 20 minutes is mostly about the importance of (food) preparation. A lot of his advice is not only applicable in body building, but rings true for other athletes as well. This PDF cookbook has some good recipes. /r/eatcheapandhealthy might also be of help. Good luck, you're doing an awesome thing!

It's insane to think about the complete turn-around the current government has gone through in the last six months.

wonton  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Grubskis, Part Deux

This soup is delicious! I made it a couple of months back but substituted the chicken broth, half n half and chorizo with vegetable broth, oats-based cream and fake chorizo. I've never seen the fresh, non-cured chorizo around here, so the crumbly faux meat actually worked better I think, just had to add some extra fat to keep it from sticking.

wonton  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Ethereum just passed $2.60

Could you recommend an exchange, which also let's you take your coins off the exchange right away? Or is there a better way to get my hands on som ether?

wonton  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: I GOT INTO WEST POINT!

Glad to hear all your hard work paid out, congratulations!

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