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I thought the "Google Trends" screensaver was pretty cool, but this definitely just trumped that. Downloaded it and using as we speak, or five minutes from when I leave my computer, I presume.

I was intrigued back when it was the original edition, and I watched that entire playthrough, which was only 30 minutes or so. When I found out it was updated, and it was over 3 hours with all the endings, I knew that I needed to check it out.

The Stanley Parable!

As a full time student, I procrastinate a lot, but as I've gotten older, that's strayed farther and farther away from procrastinating with video games. However, this game look like so much fun. It's the perfect amount of satire that I've come to love from video games, although they're rarely as well executed as this. However, $15 is just a bit out of my range for something that doesn't have a lot of inherent replay factor. Once you've done the endings, eh. Maybe I'm just a cheap bitch. Either way.

When I say I was one of the smartest people in my school, you have to believe me when I say I'm not being arrogant, the number of kids who actually tried was just negligible, y'kno? Either way, I was friends with the band kids, who were generally overachievers and actually diligent students, and the other few souls who were in my honors classes and what not. Most people had no idea who I was until class rankings came out and I would hear, "Oh, it's that kid."

In my sophomore year, I applied to a residential magnet STEM school and got in, which I moved into for my junior and (approaching) senior years. Here, I'm more popular, per say, but there are few here that are inherently unpopular. I do theater productions, and I'm on our school's Drama Board, and a lot of people turn up for those kinds of events. Naturally, they'll see me there, and after the fact. Everyone at this school is brilliant in some aspect, though, so few people stand out because of their academic abilities. The school is also very clique oriented, as you could imagine when I described myself as a "Theater Kid," so popularity could be better described as the popularity amongst your clique.

High school is too complicated.