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whimofimmaturity  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Do you desire power?

I desire power a lot and I have taken a lot of bullshit from people for confessing such desire.

I desire power for freedom , travel , satisfaction and happiness. Also for macro level philanthropy for our species in someway - if I amass enough of riches and power to be able to do that.

I see and I seek Always sought to be meek

Life these days is painful and dire

everyone says get rid of your desire

lonely is the day and my mind

world doesn't owe you to be kind

I was in deep misery and sorrow

and there was no more money to borrow

smell of her hair still lingers

and the touch of her fingers

I don't want to believe that its over

and I didn't get a closure

the birds sing and the lights blink

shadows from my the past sync

I still seek the light

in an effort to be bright

hollow and hopeless is the soul

that cant burn like coal

I have to let go of this selfish wants

in order to be one with the gods

The Millionaire's Fastlane by MJ Demacro - one of the smartest books I have ever read on making money. Don't be fooled by names and introduction of the book.

- Wake up - do some guided mindfulness exercise whilst laying down - have a good cup of coffee, check mail and my to do list. - take a shower and start working on my startup (I work from home these days)

I am working on my startup from an eastern European country while I am south Asian. I am working on trade of recycled materials from EU to Asia. My work is very interesting but also pretty hard since I am working with clients from two completely different cultures.