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She has one of the best female voices in the music industry and most don't know who she is. I say Melody Gardot Amazing music, voice, and story.

Melody Gardot - Worrisome Heart [Full Album]

piano, guitar. i grew up playing the piano. 7? at first, it was curiosity ..then all of sudden things started making sense and i started to get lost in the things i was creating. i still play and have a weighted action full sized keyword. In high school i started to pick up the guitar but i still play piano everyday.

I think you are not alone on this one. Many don't take vacations. Europeans tend to take more vacations than Americans..

..these days I travel more and tend to say "yes" more often to situations that go outside my comfort zone. I found setting up goals automatically via a computer to save an x amount of $ each day helps vs trying to do it manually.