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dude, i'm so glad. actually listening to july '09 right now. kinda shit day, feeling lonely and all fucky and well just thanks. i super dig spook houses and i love when other's get into them. witching hour is still probably my favorite track.

well i think that is what is so magnetic about this music scene on the east coast, you know, it has the benefit of big cities and easy transportation, but still feels small and inclusive and approachable. plenty of great philly bands play in new york, and vice.

hmm beach fossils is rad! thanks! this has been a good way to spend my day off. i have so many tabs of music open right now, waiting to be heard.

oh shoot, really? did they shoot the documentary themselves? i'll definitely look for it.

don't give away my secrets. i could be from the moon, don't take that away from me. the moon, eightbit, the moon. you're limiting me, and it hurts.

yo but for real, he's right. i kinda just picked up lil vernacular from net friends. i'm stoked you like it, because i'm v proud of it <3

so i have half decided to move out to philly by the end of this year. i spent a month out there and saw a few shows and met some rad people, it felt like i could make a home there. like i could find some family there.

alex g is great great great. his sound has a nice combintion of sadness and vaguely punkish discontent. and i feel similarly about elvis depressedly.

yo and thanks for the label info. i hadn't really realized that frankie cosmos was on double double whammy. love her deeply. you guys might like porches who happens to be frankie cosmos' boyfriend. they are my favorite power couple.

super thanks to you for all the rad input. glad to see someone else with passion about this stuff.

yo, i'm hecka digging teen suicide. i was worried that it might be just barely too lo-fi for me, but i got into it. also, it is everything to me to be able to connect with people over good waves like this. thanks dood! and attic basement is surprisingly in my wheel house. his vocals are super understated and sad. i'm all about it.

i'm secretly hoping to coin it, and get the tag going for this kind of stuff. not even necessarily limited to music, also with writing and art and whatever is soft and lil and magic.

i don't make any music (yet, but hey maybe one day), but i do scribble poetry sometimes. i mean, if ya wanted i could throw you my blog <3

oh and i'm not sure of some of them. lvl up and spook houses both have boy leads, i think. i don't recall seeing otherwise. but mitski is definitely girl headed, i think. and the vocalist for forth wanderers is the cutest girl ever. i know that shari heck, the head and vocalist of cyberbully mom club, is a cute boy. not sure where eskimeaux stands gender-wise. don't wanna make a mistake.

dood, i just listened to trace mountains new track the other day. so rad. i'm really glad he is still releasing stuff despite running the label. so much guts, i dig it. if you haven't, you should check out cyberbully mom club. much like kississippi. rad as heck. and shari heck, the vocalist, is such a neat guy. i'm crushing hard on him swoons

yo this track especially from eskimeaux's demo mix has been getting me. v radical. warm, and light, and it feels like a heavy blanket. emotional tunes, ya know?

vjoriqor  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 14, 2015

yo man, thanks for the offer. i'll definitely take advantage of your offer sometime. and i will kinda start running a backlog of first impressions. see what i see. thanks for the warm welcome dood!

vjoriqor  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 14, 2015

oddly, no i have never seen even one episode. supposed to funny. i think i just like adding a lovely little "y" at the end of fuck to sort of /soften the blow/

plus it is a million times cuter that way.

also, hey and whatever.

vjoriqor  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 14, 2015

eep, you're the best. i love being called pretty, it is such a nice adjective that boys don't get enough. gender norms are fucky u.u also, hello world! hubskin is gonna be something something, that's for sure. on a side note, your sister is definitely the prettiest one in the group. but i don't know if she counts.

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