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BBC news. Pretty much the best news source (for major stuff anyway), with Al Jazeera a close second. BBC app on the phone gives you notifications which is great to stay right on top of what's going on.

I did some work experience at the local tourism board over the summer, and on my first day found myself making a map of the city and plotting a route and itinerary for a visiting government official. Felt pretty badass after hearing she loved it.

'this video only plays in the United States' eugh

vivalastone  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How I start my workday

The enjoyment of any activity goes up the more badass you make it sound!

Lucky for them though, we currently document pretty much every contemporary cultural phenomenon, either by adding to dictionaries or through the internet. As long as the internet or records from now exist in the far future, there shouldn't be too much trouble for future generations.