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I used twilight for a while but I found cf.lumen to be better specially with lux auto brightness.

I also love puahbullet.

I have used Fenix before and really enjoy it!

AppHunt is an app that I recently found that lets you post new apps and like or dislike other apps. It has found a permanent spot on my dock.

I completely agree. The nexus fanboyism is probably my least favorite thing about that sub. I have used stock android in the past and most of the time I end up flashing a rom for stock android but when I was deciding what phone to get I was torn between the nexus 6 and the note 4 until I realize how much the software didn't matter. I need a sd card and IR blaster, two of the things that the nexus didn't have. I chose the note 4 and have no regrets. Maybe down the road I will flash stock but for now I will stay with touchwiz

trumankitos13  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Nashville for a weekend

Yeah sure. Ummm well I know Jack's BBQ is downtown and has some good stuff. I work at a chain called Whitts that has fairly decent pork. Being from Southern California I'm pretty sure most places are going to be good to you. Another would be Corkys which is south of town. Do you know what side of town you will be staying at?

trumankitos13  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are Hubski's limits?

On a related note, is the site running a bit slow to anyone else. I understand the reddit hug of death and that this is a smaller community but I would love to help to buy more servers to get the site going. Maybe have some sort of donate button or reddit gold like thing? Just an idea

trumankitos13  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Nashville for a weekend

As someone who had lived in Nashville all my life I would recommend just taking a day and exploring downtown. Pretty much every bar has live music and there are BBQ places everywhere (I work at one). If you want to get out of the city you could head down to Franklin which is like 25 minutes south of town and walk around there. Or you could head out to Hermitage in east Nashville. There aren't many 'Tourist Traps' here in Nashville but I can always tell a tourist because they always are wearing cowboy hats and boots. If you have anymore questions go ahead and ask, though Im still unsure how this site works. I hope I will be notified if you comment. Have fun

I hope that if they do another Red Dead that they bring a port to PC like Gta V and in a timely manor. I don't think I could wait another year and a half after launch.