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I think I would enjoy that job as well. I spend a lot of time alone. I like solitude. I can dedicate my time to my projects without interruptions. That's why sometimes I enjoy my night shifts at the hotel where I work. Hours without seeing no one. :D

Damn, you're right. How did I miss all those points? I better stop reading very late at night, or better start paying serious attention to what I read. Haha. :D

I've been away from my artistic activities. I haven't done anything for weeks. It hurts, but life is a bit busy right now. I hope 2018 will give me some space to start creating again.

Nice. That picture really looks cyberpunk. I can imagine flying cars coming from behind those buildings. :D

There is a predominance of pink and blue/green. I think that's what makes these pictures interesting. Just like those scenarios from Bladerunner and other Cyberpunk fiction. :D


I always wonder why futuristic pop videos show us a vision of just sex. That's a very limited vision of what the future might be. It's a very 21st century idea. Don't they know machines have no pleasure? Hahahahah! :D

Well, when I think of future/cyberpunk, I always think of a world where sex is no longer needed, because singularity and technological advancement made it useless/pointless. But we're in the present and sex still sells.

I have a Kobo Glo. It has a back light that can be turned on and off, and that is very useful.

I use it mainly to read articles I save on Pocket, because it has Pocket integration. Sometimes I read books on it, but I do prefer physical books. Nothing beats paper. :)

I've had this device for some years and I'm very happy with it.

I personally like Steam. I don't think it is as bad as the author of the article was trying to show. But it's another point of view. I mean, there's a point or two worth thinking.

And yeah, corporations exist for profit. He's just trying to row against the tide.

Paper from stone. So many possibilities there. Wonderful!

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