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Nice. That picture really looks cyberpunk. I can imagine flying cars coming from behind those buildings. :D

There is a predominance of pink and blue/green. I think that's what makes these pictures interesting. Just like those scenarios from Bladerunner and other Cyberpunk fiction. :D


I always wonder why futuristic pop videos show us a vision of just sex. That's a very limited vision of what the future might be. It's a very 21st century idea. Don't they know machines have no pleasure? Hahahahah! :D

Well, when I think of future/cyberpunk, I always think of a world where sex is no longer needed, because singularity and technological advancement made it useless/pointless. But we're in the present and sex still sells.

I have a Kobo Glo. It has a back light that can be turned on and off, and that is very useful.

I use it mainly to read articles I save on Pocket, because it has Pocket integration. Sometimes I read books on it, but I do prefer physical books. Nothing beats paper. :)

I've had this device for some years and I'm very happy with it.

I personally like Steam. I don't think it is as bad as the author of the article was trying to show. But it's another point of view. I mean, there's a point or two worth thinking.

And yeah, corporations exist for profit. He's just trying to row against the tide.

Paper from stone. So many possibilities there. Wonderful!

I like this. Good job! :)

I agree. I think the full poetic intention gets lost in most translations. For some expressions the whole meaning makes sense only in their native tongues. Specially when you're dealing with words that have no precise translation.

I worked in a factory before. And back then I was writing poems in this context. Somehow that influence, good or bad, stayed in my writing. Maybe this would give a whole new genre: Industrial poetry. :D

These poets in China seem to be becoming, unfortunately due to the circumstances, the avangarde of this style.

Such good news. :D

They should do the same for other great classics.

I laughed so much with this video. :D Just the guy laughing is hilarious.

Yeah. Most contemporary/modern cultural aspects in china are fabricated to impress the chinese people and the rest of the world. It's so plastic. Sounds so fake. But as soon as they go into something more subversive, they're in trouble. :/

And that sesame credit is just bad. By the way, there's a really good Black Mirror episode about that.

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