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Paper from stone. So many possibilities there. Wonderful!

I like this. Good job! :)

I agree. I think the full poetic intention gets lost in most translations. For some expressions the whole meaning makes sense only in their native tongues. Specially when you're dealing with words that have no precise translation.

I worked in a factory before. And back then I was writing poems in this context. Somehow that influence, good or bad, stayed in my writing. Maybe this would give a whole new genre: Industrial poetry. :D

These poets in China seem to be becoming, unfortunately due to the circumstances, the avangarde of this style.

Such good news. :D

They should do the same for other great classics.

I laughed so much with this video. :D Just the guy laughing is hilarious.

Yeah. Most contemporary/modern cultural aspects in china are fabricated to impress the chinese people and the rest of the world. It's so plastic. Sounds so fake. But as soon as they go into something more subversive, they're in trouble. :/

And that sesame credit is just bad. By the way, there's a really good Black Mirror episode about that.

tigrisandeuphrates  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Bad Poetry for insom

Nice! It's good to see poetry around. I also write poetry but it's all in portuguese.

tigrisandeuphrates  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What is The Venus Project?

This makes me remember Tamera somehow.


Very interesting. That's recycled paper. I used to do sheets of paper like those. The background pattern is also interesting. :D

I still have a super heavy CRT which saved me several times. :D

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