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I just ordered a game for my wife/friends and I called Summoner Wars. It's geared more toward an older set, and it's a fantasy card game, kinda like Magic tG, except instead of using the Collectible Card Game format, it's a Living Card Game: basically, the core set contains multiple complete decks, while expansions come in fixed packs (instead of blind-buy boosters).


No matter how skilled a parent you may be, your kids are gonna act out and make an embarrassing scene on (at least) a weekly basis. A friend of mine has a background in Early Childhood Education - a solid diploma, years of experience, talent, skill, and patience; not to mention a toddlemonster of her own. They're at grocery store, and you can imagine how things played out so I'll spare you the details, but the story ends with my friend leaving with the kid slung over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes, cheerily singing:

This is the way we leave the store, leave the store, leave the store, This is the way we leave the store, when Allie has a tantrum!

I guess they aren't little lords and ladies, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise; so the test of a parent isn't whether or not the kids flip out, but how you handle it when they do.