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They are doing a fine job catering to their target audience, but this is seriously unfortunate.

source on this?

I guess I was thinking more of the people who purposefully infect without explicit consent. Even still, I can't imagine an increased number of HIV 'victims' could ever be good for society.

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Absolutely horrible.

Ideally, yes, he should just write a how-to instead of this meta complaining. But I have a feeling that the people he refers to wouldn't have any interest in learning for themselves while they have a tech guy who can just do it for them. I think what he is really getting at is not so much blaming them for not knowing things as it is blaming them for not even wanting or caring to.

That website is great. I especially like the seasonal tire air.

The majority of the examples provided by the author just seemed to show a general lack of critical thinking from the user. I definitely have a biased view on the matter, though. I wonder if auto-maintenance workers often feel the same way about their customers.

This was frustrating to read.

If we assume that the purpose of schooling and education is to prepare the students for real life, eliminating team sports is an awful idea. Working on a team with people who are better than you at what you're trying to accomplish is very relevant to real life. And the author is blaming her loneliness as an adult on not being good at team sports in primary school? Come on. The article she cites to support that does say that slightly more than half of the girls asked disliked their experiences in gym class. BUT, there is no mention of problems in working in teams. One interesting thing the article does mention that I think plays a major part is the girls being afraid to be viewed as less feminine if they are good at sports or if they sweat. This is a much deeper societal problem that is showing up in the gym class environment, but exists everywhere. So no, I would argue that team sports are actually vital to the curriculum and doing away with them would lead to much more harm than good with respect to the futures of the students.

Weeell yeah. I was thinking of the cheese as a commodity or something tangible rather than conceptual but your interpretation is probably closer to the author's intent.

Yes, everyone is out to get you. There is a hierarchy of evil controlling the entire world and they want to oppress you because you are, in fact, that important. Sheeple, man. Sheeple.

This is silly. I don't like how it ends. Also, you can't just make more cheese appear out of nowhere because you have a lot of it. That cheese machine is unrealistic. Really ruined my immersion in the story.

I think that the concept of patriarchy is almost purely sociological and is not necessarily relevant on biological grounds. We have the technology now to change nearly any 'superficial physical attribute', so it's not fair to classify something as simply biology when we actually have that degree of control over it. Take, for example, weight. Throughout history larger people were viewed as better because they clearly can afford to take care of themselves. Now, in many parts of the world, being thin is far more attractive.

What I'm trying to say is at this point in time, things that are attractive and unattractive are much more based in social norms than in instinct.

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