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#1 What business is it of her's who they hire?

#2 What if the men they hired were the most qualified for the position? Are people insinuating giantbomb should hire potentially less qualified people to appease feminists?

#3 Trigger warnings are for people with PTSD. Not people that are offended.

You are one of the most insufferable people on the internet. I am severely disappointed, coming here from reddit, to find you here whining.

"You - like everyone else negative - thinks I'm saying "fuck newbies" when in fact I'm saying..." ...

" awkward period where they demand boons and circlejerk each other"

No, I think you're pretty much saying "fuck newbies". Please go back to reddit. You have 20+ subs to mod and I'm sure you can keep your superiority complex fed without poisoning hubski.

This is my first hubski comment :)