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I don't even know what buttons I pushed to get here.

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Youtube is full of retro-synth-wave type bands these days. I can't tell half of them apart. I really like this song though. Don't ask me why. Fuck if I know.

I still need to swing by the record store and pick up Manic Revelations. There's something about this song though, that makes me think it would sound better live, like it's missing the kind of imperfections needed to make it feel more textured or something. Fuck if I know.

I don't like this band. I don't even really like slow poppy shit. For some reason, I like this song though. Fuck if I know.

Mitsubishi F-2

Edit: With a bit of Wikipedia diving, it looks like Mitsubishi has made a ton of post WWII aircraft, ranging from jets to helicopters, some developed independently and some with help from other companies. The X-2 looks pretty interesting. I love the red, white, blue, and black paintjob. It looks like something out of a comic or classic anime show.

    Meanwhile, Mitsubishi is throwing their hat into the ring. They've got orders and have done for eight years but they ain't delivering, from what I understand.

From Wikipedia's article . . .

    On 21 May 2017, Iran canceled its plans to buy Mitsubishi's Regional Jet (MRJ) from the Japanese company. Inability to set a delivery timeline for ordered aircraft and lack of testing were cited as their main reasons.

I remember in the '90s, Mitsubishi used to be everywhere I looked. Not just cars, but televisions and such, air conditioners, commercial trucks. For some reason, their red three diamond symbol always stood out to me and I'd stumble on it in the most random of places at the most random of times. Now, with the exception of their cars and the occasional FUSO on the road, I don't see them anymore. I remember vaguely, very vaguely, a commercial on TV for a Mitsubishi air conditioner a few years ago, and that's it. Which is weird, because they still do an ass-ton of stuff according to their Wikipedia article, but their American presence outside of transportation seems to be near zero.

As an aside, I find it interesting that both Mitsubishi and Fuji Heavy Industries both have a history of partnering with American companies to build their aircraft.

I first heard of Minitel from Archer. After season one, the quality of that series takes a serious nose dive, but it's still very watchable if you enjoy ridiculous banter.

So. What happens to the money that went into stocks when stocks crash? Does it disappear? Does it go back to the banks?

So basically, if anyone has stock in Facebook, it might be a good idea to bail before they eventually go the way of Myspace or Yahoo?

I know you didn't recommend DS9. I just thought I'd bring it up again in passing, because it's on in the background. I'm mostly watching it for the sake of friendship. The next time he comes over, I'm giving him one of my antennas, so he can watch old sitcoms and westerns on daytime TV.

I'm working on trying to read that graph. FAANG is the best anagram every though.

    But of course the stock market is going bugshit over it because the stock market no longer pays attention to what anything means.

Last I heard, Alan Mulally left Ford because stockholders were unhappy about the value of their shares. From what I've heard, GM is in similarly hot water. Both are on par with where they've tended to be historically, at least, if I'm reading the graph on Google right.

I think maybe the explosion in tech stocks has created unrealistic expectations, because I think if a stock today is at what seems at a reasonable place, I don't think there's much to be upset about. Apparently a lot of people disagree though.

    Unless you're in the agriculture industry, or in the food industry, you might not know that a lot of chicken (especially things like wings) is coming from Brazil.

Refrigeration and shipping really affects a lot. I know a few years back, and probably still now, Africa had a huge problem with their local chicken farmers being undersold by frozen chicken shipped in from Europe. I can imagine, economically and politically, it was probably quite the mess.

I wonder if now Facebook is struggling to stay relevant. While they're still a big company, their product line is less diverse than Google and they're not monolithic like Amazon.

As an aside, DS9 is getting better. I have a love/hate relationship with Quark. On the one hand, I absolutely hate Quark as a character, he's crafty and selfish and unscrupulous. On the other hand though, Armin Shimerman is, in my opinion, by far the best actor out of that cast and he makes Quark feel very real.

Also, the power failed here for just a second. I had to go back and reset the dryer. My TV, X-Box, and computer kept on chugging without a beat. God bless whoever invented battery backups.

From what I understand, it's not too uncommon for farms to take out big loans to set up new projects and that through government subsidies, sales, etc. they can make that money back without that much risk. It also tends to be a good idea for farmers to diversify when they can. You never know when one product quickly falls out of favor and another one takes off. That said, there's tons of experience on raising pretty much everything out there, so I can't imagine it would be too big of a stretch for them to find the help they need to raise chickens when they need it.

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