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I haven't directly insulted anyone that doesn't need to be insulted. No, I will not stop complaining and trying to attach motives to me without any implication on my part IS offensive.

Yes it would be your loss as would the loss of any other member. If it gets made to hard to stick around then its simply better to leave.

No there isn't spam is useless crap or purely advertisement with no real value or relation to its tags. Self-promotion would only become spam when it becomes obnoxious and impossible to avoid. And yes I can, those "moderators" need to think before they act with at least the minutest amount of intelligence.

So providing content isn't "interacting"? Any member of the community could've interacted with me as well at anytime. Non-interaction is not the fault of any one party. Plus, every time I see (or hear) "community" being thrown around it's simply the shield behind which those pompous jerks like to hide.

Both (and frankly, DUH!).

Browse through the global feed but only after posting.

As many as I can.


Of course not, that's idiotic.

Passively adding in the "overtly offensive" caveat is very disingenuous btw when it wasn't a part of the discussion to begin with.

Thanks for the heads-up Devac , but the back-handed passive-aggressive back-pedal is offensive. Too bad I couldn't find out more easily when I'm tagged as spam so I can fight my own battles and so I can judge whether or not its worth it to remain in such a "community".

Well, if the "community" is made up of as self-important, self-appointed guardians of community-interest as Odder. I'm OUT.

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