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I don't think it is as much of a neglect reason or that Greece does not want to help, it is sheer number of people coming into Greece and lack of aid to accommodate them. Greece has receive more than 63,000 immigrants from Syria and Libya so far just this year.

More continue to come because it is safer to reach Greece by boat than Italy.

There are many Syrian immigrants coming into Greece via Turkey, naturally the Greek government blames Turkey for not securing their borders.

Dunno if this answers you question.

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"You fear the sea with the same fear you have of dark corridors, the night and shadowed places. It is not the sea you fear, it is the unknown.

Man has long been troubled by the unknown. Since the early days, when we stalked the bushes and worried what predator may lay, hidden, near by...watching and waiting. To this day, when you lie awake at night trying to perceive the vastness of space.

This is why man fears death.

However, how would we be changed if Columbus' fear overwhelmed him and he had not ventured away from home? What if Darwin had not sailed the seas to ponder the mysteries of man's past because he was scared? What would have become of us if brave men had not walked the beaches of Normandy?

There is knowledge out there that you will never know unless you find your bravery. There is adventure to be had that will give you more pleasure than any wine or woman could give you. There is a reward waiting for you that can not be measured in weight or value. There is is no shame in fear, but there is pride to be found in courage.

Come, follow me. Into the horizon! Into the night! Into the unknown!"

On top of all this bad news in Greece, the country has also received an influx of Syrian immigrants who came to Greece to escape their own desperate situations. (btw, my apologies for using a breitbart article, I don't particularly like Breitbart but this article is a nice summary of the syrian/greek struggle without any opinion.)

On BBC radio yesterday, a tourist currently visiting Greece was interviewed. She and her partner were unaware of the Syrian immigrant crisis in Greece. She stated that one could see vast make-shift camps only a few blocks away from hot tourist spots and high-end hotels. They went to investigate and found that there was little food and water in the camps. The Greek are unable at this point to financially aid these immigrants. Tourist, such as the woman interviewed, are doing what they can to bring food, water and other resources to the camps.

United Airlines and Wall Street Journal also went down today.

The Chinese market is also in chaos today.

Markets around the world are down due to the ongoing economic crisis in Greece after they voted no to Europe's bail-out offer.

And (last week) US stocks also had the worst week thus far this year.

    After years of smoking and drinking, you do sometimes look at yourself and know, just sometimes, in between the first cigarette with coffee in the morning to that 400th glass of corner shop piss at 3am. You do sometimes look at yourself and think...This is fantastic. I'm in heaven.

Black Books! My favorite sitcom (despite only having 3 seasons) and suddenly it just stopped, no conclusion or anything. I want to know what happened to Bernard, Manny and Fran!

I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience with lithium. Did you try another drug to stabilize your mood?

For a different perspective, I've thus far have had a pleasant experience with lithium. I wouldn't necessarily agree with statement that once you're doctor prescribes lithium, they've given up on you. Many people are prescribed lithium to help with their mental illness because it is a very useful tool for some. I began lithium when I was 17 and am 25 now, yet my doctor has not given up on me and I continue therapy. I have no regrets and thus far have not developed any adverse side effects except for thirst.

I'm also in a position of - either continue treatment or, well, death. Depression greatly increases the chance of suicidal tenancies and mania can be equally as damaging to the self. For me, my medication means life or death - and I'd rather suffer the side effects than live an even shorter life full of mood swings.

That being said, I wish you the best and hope your life beyond lithium is better. :D