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Thank you, mike! Very nice of you to answer. It's a great, vast country with lots of cultures to experience! I hope you get the chance to come here someday.

Let me ask you something, what is your favorite tag as of this moment?

Hello, Hubski! I'm a first-year medicine student from Brazil. Currently 19 years old. I should be studying for a test right now, but I decided to check out this new website really quickly first. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I've been here for the last 3 hours, and currently my favorite tag is #shortstories.

I play guitar, piano, and spend most of my free time talking to my long distance girlfriend about food and random topics such as politics, philosophy, law (she's a law student)... but mostly food. I also love spending some time with a good book or a good movie, often times revisiting them after a while, like a good old friend.

My two dogs are the love of my life: an akita-inu and a pug. So far, my thoughts on Hubsky have been quite positive. I've seen her quality posts like I haven't seen on reddit for a long, long time!