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The collective political strength of NIMBYs has led to soaring housing prices across the country, increasing automation has reduced employment and force people with jobs still to work longer hours to justify their positions, and because of the above, there is a growing resentment towards people who look or act different from you.

Barnes & Noble needs to double down on becoming more than just a bookstore. They've already diversified their inventory by selling dvds, toys, and even their own electronics. Many also have cafes now. I think all this has helped kept them afloat thus far in the face of the behemoth that is Amazon. But are executives at Barnes & Nobles just delaying the inevitable, or are they actually committed to diversifying and competing?

There's still many jobs that won't be automated in the near future, but warehouse jobs aren't one of them. Those workers can barely support themselves as is. What will they do when their warehouse jobs are automated? Not everyone can retool to find new, better jobs. But even those will become scarcer in the future.