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I would just like to throw these out there. Rap as a genre isn't completely ruined.

Lil Jon is trap music not rap.

What's wrong with king kunta?

not_damn_dirty-ape  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: September 16, 2015

It happens all the time now too. My school has had two pipebombs, one knife, and a drugged-out kid going to war with a security guard. We get a letter home and nobody gives a fuck.

It's not 'overly dramatic' entertainment contributing to death threats, it's just anonymity. The goal of an artist to to make the viewer experience the most amount of emotion that they can. Therefore, overly dramatic content is made and is the most popular. Take a Schwarzenegger action movie from the 80's or markiplier playing a video game, the viewer reacts positively then goes about their day. It's art. It doesn't change the viewer in the long run. They feel an emotion and move on. This has been true of every other art form in human existence and every a new one is created people say that it will create violent behavior.

The real problem is that violent behavior has been shown. Or the equivalent for the internet. The internet is a simultaneous giant leap forward and leap back for humans. On one hand any human in the world can form a community with other like-minded individuals, on the other, humans evolved to form communitis of 30 to 50, not 7 billion. Laws are written by the government to make everybody get along but the internet doesn't have laws or a government. So shit like this can happen to Jimmy Kimmel, Justine Sacco, or the guy that shot cecil the lion. This is a major problem that should and probably will get better over time. But for right now we have to try not to be a snowflake in the avalanche.

IMO PewDiePie makes people smarter. I've been treating this book as gospel and I think it ring especially true for let's plays. They seem like the combination of the best parts of what the author thinks about video games and reality tv.

From youtube to hubski nobody has a clue how to make money on the internet.

not_damn_dirty-ape  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Favorite Music Video?

This one is great if you've seen his other videos.
not_damn_dirty-ape  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Why is Modern Art so Bad?

There is a lot I disagree with here so this is probably going to turn into a stream of consciousness kind of thing.

Humans are evolving all of the time and art evolves at the same rate. It's hard to say that art is superior to art from before, but it definitely changes. Any film student can say that movies were better in the 70's but back then the director had to be 100% positive that the audience knew what was happening. Today movies have to be quick and changing a lot so that the audience is continually intrigued by what's happening. The themes of art from and now is equal but the form is different. If you want to learn more about this I suggest this book.

The speaker in the video seems to push for some kind of objectively good art to be attained. In my mind though, that goes against the definition of art. Art is anything that changes the emotions of the viewer. The speaker doesn't want art, he wants sport. Art isn't a competition between artists to create the "best art".

I'd love to see individual genres of music become more popular. Right now #hiphophubski is probably the biggest tag for that but it's only had two posts in the last week.

Favorites: Darkside/gone, One Shot One Kill, Satisfiction, Animals, Medicine Man, Talking To My Diary

EDIT: what happened between dre and eazy?

I don't think it really says anything about the US as much as it does about celebrities being able to connect with shitloads of people. If Jesse Wellens hadn't tweeted where he dropped hitchBOT off he'd probably be fine.

I forget the source but I heard mention from a podcast that all stories ever told boil down to the same basic formula. Character climbs up tree, people throw things at character, character climbs down, having changed. The perfect representation of this is Die Hard. John McClane climbs up big building, bullets are shot at him, character climbs down from building, having changed.

Why not of 'downloaded' or 'deep web' fame?
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