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nil  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: February 20, 2019

Good morning Hubski.

I decided to stop drinking coffee because it turned into a pretty mad addiction. Several cups before and after basically every class I had which sucks. I don't really know why I stopped but after spending some time outside the city and in nature I think I just came to a collective realization that I'd been unhealthy af and using several forms of speed to get through the day. Had a holy shit moment looking at the stars with friends and feeling more connected than ever. It's easy to forget about these things when you're grinding away in the city and getting increasingly socially isolated.

Working at the pizza joint on the birthday suxxxx

but hopefully I can get the shift changed.

nil  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Life of an American Boy at 17

Thanks for sharing. Man I feel bad for Ryan. I think at that age it's impossible to not be controlled by every authority figure around you and you feel like one wrong move will lead to your inevitable downfall. Which fucking blows.

    After school, Ryan usually goes home. He doesn’t drink or do drugs. “Parties are stupid,” he says, “because it’s where guys get drunk and talk about threesomes. It’s lame.” He isn’t part of any social clique—not the football guys, the volleyball girls, the Pokémon players, the anime lovers, the choir kids, the guys who work on cars, and definitely not the “white guys who all hang out with their trucks and guns and say, ‘Heil Trump’ and all that.”

In my experience not feeling like you fit into one particular "clique" was the best part of high school. I hung out with literally everyone and it was fucking beautiful. Also, blowing off party culture doesn't mean you can't go outside and have fun. The absolute worst thing you can do is stay inside all day, play video games and only focus on school. I'm early-20's now, and nobody regrets having fun in high school (unless they completely failed out). The people I've met mostly were sad at how miserable they were. They envied the adventure.

I hope he's able to find peace and have a good time. We need all the love we can get.

Jesus H., it sounds like a condensed version of the Joe Rogan Experience. How am I going to explain to my kids that DMT is a tool of the alt-right and they should stick to alcohol?

That would have seriously helped when a lot of us were in high school.

Is it bad I'm reading this article on gasp a smartphone?

    In 2004, when Cal Newport was still an undergrad at Dartmouth, all his friends were making accounts on a new website called Facebook. Newport opted out.

It sounds like Mr. Cal Newport has been trying to avoid technology for a while. The reason technology is driving him crazy has little to do with the tech itself. Rather, life is driving him crazy, and he thinks if he unplugs from life he'll become magically satisfied having reclaimed that time to stare at a wall and write shitty self help books (also an addiction see: my brother).

    Okay, well what's the cost in terms of my time attention required to have this device in my life?

Or reading a newspaper. What about decades ago when the average American used to spend 5 hours a day watching television? Everything in life is addictive. Information is addictive. Books are addictive. Falling in love is addictive. Comparing it to cigarettes is absolute mayhem given AS A MILLENIAL there are many people my age hacking the darts and posting on Instagram and only one of those behaviours is giving you a fucking tumour. Somehow my dad managed to get distracted enough to fail out of the university in the 70's without smartphones. It was called playing pool and getting piss drunk every weekend. Didn't need any deep work for that.

nil  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 30, 2019

-19 in London. Taking the bus no longer feels viable.

Ugh. Fuck Facebook so much. Our workplace communicates with WhatsApp and it's fucking dope. Can't imagine using the monstrosity that is messenger integrated SMS. Can we please have a tech company that doesn't buy up and shit on everything?

nil  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: "Where are you at right now?" Thread

It's 5:54a.m., I just finished closing the pizza joint and now I'm sitting in the living room playing with my dick.

Man. I remember a girl from my high school having a Tumblr account that was literally all porn. It's a sad day.

nil  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Why Are Gender Reveal Parties a Thing?

I suppose for the same reason a few of my profs throw pictures of their kids into the slide deck. The love parents feel for their children is so strong you want to share that excitement with others. Having a gender reveal party is another way of revelling in the excitement of having a child and catching everyone else in a moment of suspense.

Also it is possible a lot of these people don't believe in the validity of being transgender. A large segment of the American population still has a problem with homosexuality so there is clearly a lot of work to do. Selling explosives to these people surely doesn't help.

nil  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: November 28, 2018

Tried ordering a drink but then I realized I have chemistry class in ten minutes. Life is shit but it keeps getting better everyday. Everyday I realize more and more things that I wish I understood when I was 16.

The ultimate "realization" recently was how to deal with anxiety, especially in a university environment. The worst thing you can do in that situation is go home and collapse into the fetal position. One has to do the exact opposite. It must be confronted with a personal act of courage in the present moment. Doing this is nigh impossible but focus on the word nigh. Ask a question in class. Go to office hours. Prof is a dick who likes to pick on students? Sit in the front row and get ready. Roast him back when you realize he screwed up the matrix multiplication. If you can do this the anxiety quickly changes into a feeling of empowerment.

Now I have moved from the point of falling asleep to a 12 hour physics grind. See you at midnight when I finally collapse from doing rotational motion problems.

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