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You're always on top till you realize you hit bottom haha, or something along those lines. From what I've gleaned lurking it seems we have some shared experiences in that department.

I never used Uber sober except to get back to my car after using it the night before. Outside of those travelling for business or pleasure most of their business is people choosing an Uber charge over a DUI. I imagine some drivers will choose to pass on drunk passengers (although if your picking someone up at a bar it's a safe assumption they will have drank a bit). Seems like the bigger thing is to gather data to sell for marketing or development. I wonder what that info will be used for?

It worked for me till it didn't haha. It generally got me through till the point I worked out a lifepath of sorts for myself though. I'm curious what can be done for you the youth to decrease depression and fatalism. I know there's been studies linking social media and depression, I also know that's a much bigger thing for the younger generation, more so than mine (I'm 25). I haven't had anything beyond an Instagram for following artists in 5 years so am unsure how you tackle something so entangled in many people's lives.

Job prospects and having hope in the future are an issue too I'm sure, but its hard to be content with a blue collar job and a hobby a side hustle when you see everyone's highlight real on Facebook and snapchat

I mean If you're going to talk, and you think it's a a more complex problem than what you mentioned i would like to read it. I see what you're saying though, there's a lot to it. I'm bad about accepting things as unfortunate realities instead of looking for how things can be changed, as in, we can out more money into providing mental health care but can we do anything about economic security? that just seems like a natural progression, with no palatable alternative. It sucks to see so many problems where the cause is obvious but the solution is not.

I wonder how much fatalism culture plays into it, meaning basically "life is shit" and suicide memes. I'm not sure if they even encourage discussion or just put those kind of thoughts into the heads of people more. I don't really been able to articulate it but self deprecation/depression humor seems more popular in recent years, at least on the internet, and I think it's a bane more than a boon.

Not saying it's the sole cause of the increase in the suicide rate but I think it plays a role.

edit: I guess all that is just based on a general lack of hope in the future. which is bigger than just shitty jokes.

I'd like to here others thoughts on what they think is the reason for such a large increase

This is what discourages me from seeing alternatives, Communism has done little more than caused mass starvation historically, and only addresses inequality by making the vast percentage equally poor while those in power still live lives of luxury. I have little hope "real" communism will ever exist in a world of scarcity and materialism, or any chance of ridding the world of inequity beyond social inequity for that matter. I see radical federal intervention to prevent businesses from taking advantage as they do as a potential alternative, but a country the size of America, or many first world countries, must remain somewhat hospitable to businesses to maintain an economy (from my understanding). I only see a massive period of upheaval catalyzed by an unknown event filled with a lot of suffering and death as society attempts to transition. Even then I have little hope that a new system will be established in which those with influence won't attempt to secure resources for themselves over their constituency and maintain their influence, I'm not misanthropic I just believe people will always put their survival over other despite how warp demanding their idea of "surviving" is.

I also don't see how the modern world we live in would be maintained outside of capitalism, invention is fueled by competition, whether it be war or financial, our technology supplied by cheap labor, our infrastructure held up not by good Samaritans but by people working for a paycheck, On a micro level I believe sharing the load is doable, but who want's to fix the sewers in New York city for free, or run the power plants, or work the factory line. There's so much said about how capitalism and government need to change, and I agree, but little about people and what their expectations enable.

I have little hope beyond trying to be am egalitarian to those around me and eaking out as comfortable of a living as I can for me and mine, mine being my family, friends, and whatever semblance of a community I occasionally encounter.

It's been a long day so I might be more illiterate than normal and maybe more moody.

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edit: scratch that, sorted itself

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Word, I can support that. Thanks for the response.

What is the alternative?

edit: bad internet makes multiple posts.

moslydeaf  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Body Positivity Is a Scam

I enjoyed the article, at the end of the day though I feel like it's naive to expect a company to do anything beyond try to get you to buy more product, if body positivity ads increase sales they will continue to be made.

Despite the complaint that it brings up an issue in a superficial way with no attempt at discussion, it seems to have changed what is considered acceptable body types, so there is some merit I think.

Maybe I missed the point, some levels of nuance are lost on me after a certain point.

moslydeaf  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: June 6, 2018

Middle of a long week twerkin. I am excited for next week though, I met a girl online about 7 months ago and she's coming to visit, I'm quite enamored with her despite not having met her in person. It's an odd feeling to be planning a little long term with someone I haven't met in person yet, although via using webcam and being able to talk whenever throughout the day I guess the distance is closed more than it would be with a pen pal.

Otherwise, I'm looking to get a motorcycle soon, considering something for the closer work trips, if it's got a sissy bar on the back i can strap a duffel bag too i'll be happy with it. It needs to be reliable though so a cheap Harley is out of the question. Gonna be my first bike of my own so considering a Honda Shadow, or CB. We'll see what's available when I finish getting money together i guess haha.

That's a good point, I don't see what bringing the government into it is supposed to accomplish though. Outside of turning "I won't make the wedding cake because you're a same sex couple" into "I won't make the wedding cake because I'm fully booked". In the first scenario the business can be boycotted and can be put out of business for not treating their customers fairly, in the second no one still gets any cake.

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