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I don't know how I stand on the issue, but I do think the article seemed to be biased towards a USA culture of soldier support. I wish that the article could have elaborated more on German citizen's take on the phenomenon.
liquidm  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Banksy vs. Robbo -it's war
The video special was called 'Graffiti Wars" (2011). I know it has hit the torrents, but I can't find another mirror for streaming.
I think the point that they were trying to make was that Banksy used Robbo's old piece in the new piece. Also, other artists tagging over the old piece is standard, the impressive part was that no one had completely painted over the piece before Banksy.
liquidm  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Men use Reddit, women use Tumblr
He actually said that the average would be between 3 or 4. It was strangely worded, but the average of a six sided die is 3.5.
All you need to do to beat the test is to tighten your anal sphincter.

As shown by Penn and Teller:

"In a real, high-stress situation, we might get an even higher success rate," noted Professor Ugail, who believes he'll eventually be able to detect around 90% of those who are lying, which is similar to the performance of the polygraph.

I thought this was particularly interesting considering how little scientific validity the polygraph test has. This may be an indication that reliably being able to tell if a person is lying may be an impossible feat.

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